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Whose Job is it Anyway?

Who Needs a WordPress Care Plan?

Our business model has always focused on providing the knowledge and training required for clients to maintain their WordPress website themselves. WordPress is an excellent content management system and, in our experience, the most user-friendly and easy to administrate; however, the reality (read more about our experience at Why dkddi) is that most website owners do not perform the necessary updates or ongoing maintenance that is crucial to their website’s ability to function properly.

The number one security lapse for WordPress installations is out-of-date software. WordPress core contributors and plugin authors release updates often, and most of these updates include security patches for known vulnerabilities. Our business is to stay on top of these updates so you can focus on running yours.

We have identified a list of mission-critical tasks that should be regularly performed in order to preserve and maintain the health of a WordPress website.  This list defines the services offered in our WordPress Care and Care Plus plans.

What do you mean by ongoing maintenance?

Beyond necessary software updates, our services include additional tasks that should be performed when maintaining a website. From day to day, we keep your site in tune by providing uptime checks, performance and security monitoring, incremental cloud back-ups, and technical support.

With dkddi management of these ongoing maintenance operations, your WordPress website will remain updated, backed-up, and operational. Leaving you free to do the things most important to you.

See below for general details or visit WordPress Care Plans for pricing and features.

For a more involved care package, consider our WordPress Care Plus Plans, which include all services provided by WordPress Care plus additional features such as: emergency and priority support, malware response, speed optimization, mobile optimization, and website content editing.

View a WordPress Care Report sample.

Features Included With WordPress Care Plans

Uptime Monitor

We monitor your website every 5 minutes and send an alert if the site is down. At a glance, we can determine whether or not your site has any operational issues which need to be addressed.  The uptime stats are included in the monthly health report.

Uptime Graph

Security Check

Issues come up. Hacks happen.  The security scan – performed monthly or at scheduled intervals depending upon your plan – lets us know if there are any issues to address. This is a proactive test for malware and system-known vulnerabilities.  We also perform a domain blacklist check with a number of trusted services like Google Safe Browsing, Norton Safe Web, Sucuri Malware Labs, and ESET, among others. Security check results are included in the monthly health report.

Security Check Results

Performance Check

A slow website will impact your business and SEO ranking.  Our performance check will provide insight into what is happening with your website and how it’s performing.  The performance check results are included in the monthly health report.

Performance Check Results

Scheduled Backups

Powerful and incremental website and database backup to the cloud.  Schedule automatic backups as often as your plan allows.  You can never have too many backups to restore from if there’s an issue.

Website Backup Dashboard
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WordPress Care Plan Requirements

WordPress sites that are outdated (pre-version 4.9), eCommerce or membership based, or contain customized themes and plugins, may incur additional labor.  In order to asses these sites, a site health assessment is required.  Once the assessment is complete you will be provided with an estimate of cost to perform an initial update and optimization of your site.  For more information regarding this see WordPress Health and Repair. 

Version Control

Eligibility for Care and Care Plus plans is subject to a WordPress core installation being version 4.9.5 or higher.  Any site versions older than 4.9.5 require a WordPress Health and Repair assessment.  As of the publication of this content, the current version of WordPress is 5.3. For more information on version releases visit WordPress.org News Releases.

WooCommerce, Membership, Multisites

Websites incorporating advanced functionality like WooCommerce,  paid membership plugins, or WordPress Multisites require a WordPress Care Plus Plan. These sites are more labor intensive to maintain and are often customized. A WordPress Health and Repair assessment to determine version, theme support and WooCommerce template validity is required.

Custom Themes and Plugins

In this scenario we’re looking for code that has been customized incorrectly, mostly by altering the source code rather than editing via child-theme or template files.  This type of coding is called “forking” and prohibits the update of software unless you know exactly where changes have been made. In some plugins and themes we may be looking at thousands of lines of code in hundreds of documents.

Additional WordPress Care Services

Auto Updates

Automated updates of WordPress and plugins.

Uptime Monitoring

We monitor your website every 5 minutes and send an alert if the site is down.

Recommended Plugins

This is a collection of trusted plugins we find to be essential to a site's overall health and performance.

Monthly Security Check

A monthly security scan of your website which detects malware, known vulnerabilities, and domain blacklistings.

Monthly Performance Check

A monthly scan which will highlight factors affecting the performance of your website. Testing includes PageSpeed and YSlow grading.

Monthly Health Report

We'll send you a detailed monthly report regarding the health of your site, including uptime, security, and performance information.

Monthly Cloud Backup

Automated monthly cloud backup of your website files and database.

Weekly Cloud Backup

Scheduled weekly cloud backup of your website files and database. Choose the day and time of the backup to suit your weekly activity.

Daily Cloud Backup

For sites which require a more robust and complete backup solution, scheduled daily backups are available.

Broken Link Monitor

We scan your website for those pesky broken links which adversely affect your users' experience and can degrade your search engine ranking.

SEO Keyword Report

You no longer have to separately find, monitor and record your keywords. The SEO ranking tool gives you all of the key metrics for your website.

Managed Updates, Plugins, Themes

For websites that require a more hands-on approach to maintenance and upkeep, we provide an actual human to perform tasks and live-monitor progress.

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