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dkddi is a custom solution to your website development or interactive media needs. The right website developer is paramount to your success and dkddi website development services offer clear communication and vision, creating robust and expandable websites. Let dkddi provide a tailored solution to your business needs while expanding the value of your online budget.

Whether your website is informational or a complex application interface, the goal is always to create a website that is easily managed. We utilize proven website development techniques and strive to provide the most accessible and user-friendly browsing experience possible for your audience. Our philosophy is simple: treat each project as if it were our only project.

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We love WordPress – and not just because it’s free!  WordPress is our preferred content management system, or CMS.  It is dynamic, flexible, and customizable to almost any degree of functionality.  Website content is stored, organized, and deployed through the CMS database, which allows for client management of content and updates.  It is simply the most versatile system available and we know WordPress like Neo knows Kung fu.

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No need for a radar detector on the dashboard of your 1970 AMC Gremlin, is there? Site performance, which includes page-load speed, will dramatically affect user experience and overall SEO. Properly leveraged and optimized content is the key to stable, optimum performance within multiple OS and browser environments. A free speed and optimization audit is included with every quote request as part of our comprehensive cross-browser quality assurance and W3 compliance testing. Embrace your need for speed. Do know how fast you weren’t going?

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It’s all about the bots! Search engines rely on automated software applications called bots (also spiders, crawlers or robots) which comb the internet indexing and categorizing website content. We utilize current industry standard techniques to ensure your site is indexed by search engines such as Google or Yahoo accurately and to maximum effect. Properly formatted HTML, XML site maps, META data, and user accessibility all contribute to improved search engine ranking. We will work with your search engine marketing team to provide the foundation from which your site content can be most effectively optimized.


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