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Step 1

Transfer processes vary slightly between registrars.  For the purposes of this article we’ll be looking at GoDaddy domain registration transfers.  The transfer process should be similar for all registrars who adhere to ICANN protocols.

To begin your transfer first navigate to our transfer page here.

You will need two pieces of information:

1. The domain name to be transferred i.e.,

2. An authorization code also know as EPP code (Extensible Provisioning Protocol) or Auth Code.

Transfer Form

To obtain your EEP/Auth code – navigate to My Products > Domains.  Click Manage to the right of the domain you wish to transfer.

GoDaddy My Products

GoDaddy Domain Lock

Before requesting your EPP/Auth code make sure your domain is unlocked and available for transfer.

Turn Off Domain Privacy

You may also need to turn off privacy protection if active.

Once you have your EPP/Auth code, enter it and your domain in to the form and continue through the checkout process.  Here you may select addons such as DNS managment, ID protection, and email forwarding.  You may also add hosting.

Domain Configuration

Once checkout is complete you will receive your order confirmation number.

Step 2

Once you’ve successfully completed your order you will receive several confirmation, receipt, and notification emails from

You will also receive two verification emails from [email protected].  These emails will have the subjects:



Set your data use consent preferences

Follow the instructions within these emails to verify and configure your domain name.

Verification Email 1
Verification Email 2

That will complete the domain name transfer request.  You will receive a notification from once the transfer is complete.  At this time you may sign in to your account.

Helpful Tip: Some registrars allow you to speed the transfer process by manual approval.

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Accept Transfer