Create a New User in WordPress

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To create a new user in your WordPress admin first mouse over Users, then select Add New: Users > Add New

WordPress Dashboard Select Add New User

This is the add new user page.  Yours may vary depending upon your theme or plugins, this is the default editor for version 5.3.

WordPress New User Editor

Complete the form including Username (required), Email (required), First and Last Name, Website (URL – use this if your user is a contributor who has a website you wish to link to).

Click the Show Password button to reveal the system generated password.  We strongly recommend you utilize these passwords.  Strong passwords are very important to your site security and “strong” password use should be enforced for all users.

WordPress Show Password

WordPress Strong Passwords

Next, choose the Role of your user.  The default is Subscriber which will allow your user to log in but deny access to administrative functions and areas. If you wish to grant admin access to a user (for example, support) set the Role to Administrator.

WordPress Select User Role

Click Add New User to commit the changes.  You have now created a new user for your WordPress website.

WordPress Add User Button