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One of our specialties is providing professional development services to a variety of agency clients. Whether you are a digital or analog agency, we provide the services which allow you to compete in the realm of website development and management. Our goal is to support professionals who wish to expand their service offerings. Our clients include designers, marketing professionals, digital marketers, SEOs and social media agencies. A partnership with dkddi will allow your business to offer our specialized services to your clients while maintaining brand and minimizing overhead.


Offer Care Plans to Your Clients

Offer any of our Care Plans directly to your clients and customers at your own pricing. Then add the client to your account with dkddi and we handle the rest.

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Discount À La Carte Care Plus Plans

Have a client you’d like to offer a Care Plan to? Agency partners receive a discount of 20% off Care Plans and there is no minimum. Purchase and sign up your clients for our Care Plans as needed.

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Bundle Rates on Care Plans

Have two or more clients you’d like to offer Care Plans to? Receive additional discounts on Care Plan pricing with our bundle rates.

Design and Development Services

Partner with dkddi to provide design and/or development services. Receive flat-rate quotes on these services as needed. We can even help you define your development projects and can work directly with your designers, project managers, or other staff to plan the development of the site.

Website Development Services

Have your own designers? Not a problem. We will develop your WordPress sites based upon provided designs. We can even help you define your development projects and will work directly with your designers, project managers, or other staff to plan the development of the site.

Hosting Services

Consolidate and manage your client hosting through our Hosting Services. Package rates are available for hosting your client websites, providing you with a single point of access. For agencies who wish to provide hosting services to 25+ websites, we can brand the client area and cPanel to your agency.

Bundle or Customize Any of Our Products and Services

We will work with you to define and customize any combination of products and services; for example, automated WordPress hosting accounts with Care Plans included, which you can initiate with a few clicks or by email. We can even create modular plans that can grow as you need them.


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Your Brand, Our Service

dkddi operates as an extension of your agency, meaning we remain anonymous to your clients if you wish. Data and communication may either be provided to your staff for client release or you may elect to provide us an email address with which we will deliver status reports, reply to support requests, or provide alerts on your behalf. The basic idea is that we are a part of your team. We’re not looking for credit, backlinks, or traffic funnels. We provide the services that expand your business. In doing so, we hope to foster a long-term partnership to the benefit of all.


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Example: Discount à la carte Care Plus Plans

Let’s say you have 10 clients who require an ongoing WordPress Care Plus plan. For this example, we’ll use our WordPress Care Plus Enterprise Plan. Your costs per plan is $205.95/mo $164.76/mo. Set your pricing to whatever you like, but for this example we’ll say $240.00/mo, which would generate an additional $9,2028.80 of revenue per year. And let’s not ignore the added value of a happy client!

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