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dkddi offers complete website development services.

The development techniques utilized by dkddi allow future content additions as a site grows. Our sites employ HTML page markup and navigation consistent with current SEO techniques and utilize contemporary CSS non-table layout construction. Sites may also include responsive styling to address the ever-increasing number of users browsing the web on smart phones or tablets. This secondary styling handles the format of the page when viewed by such a device and presents the page in a logical and usable layout. dkddi site development includes comprehensive cross-browser QA and W3 compliance testing to ensure stable performance within multiple OS and browser environments.

dkddi sites may include styling for printed content. Without this feature, the on-screen artwork and content prints along with all images and components. Developing CSS to handle non-screen events improves the user experience and allows the user to more easily gather information regarding the products and services offered by the site.

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Search Engine Optimization is exactly what it sounds like: using correct industry standard techniques to allow the site to be catalogued by various search engines – such as Google – to maximum effect. Well-developed copy and page descriptions are the first steps to SEO. Correctly written HTML code, site maps, correct use of META data, and user accessibility all contribute to search engine ranking.


Development of a CMS controlled site requires a well-developed and constructed back-end setup to deliver content and allow updates and modifications to be made to the site by an administrator. Essentially, this is the site behind the site with access granted to necessary individuals by user/password. A CMS operates by storing all data within a database structure for delivery to the public pages. Developing a robust CMS also allows site networking and eCommerce capabilities, including blogs, forums, and shopping carts.

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